Chiles and Bleakley facing the axe?

Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley are facing the axe as ratings for Daybreak continue to slump.

The much-hyped show, which runs from 6am and 8.30am on weekdays, has failed to live up to expectations with ITV bosses and much of the blame has been attributed to the presenters.

The pair were poached from the BBC in a very public tug-of-war less than two years ago and their annual salaries total £2.8million.

Despite the huge success that they enjoyed as presenters of the Beeb's One Show, Chiles and Bleakley have failed to impressive breakfast viewers.

Brummie Chiles has been criticised for being too grumpy while Christine's WAG lifestyle is seen as a turn-off for many viewers.

The latest ratings show that with just 700,000 viewers, Daybreak is half as popular as its BBC rival, Breakfast, and significantly less popular than its predecessor GMTV, which regularly pulled in audiences of over 1 million.

An ITV spokesperson said: "Daybreak is still in the process of transitioning into the daytime department. We are ­continuing to develop the show."

They refused to confirm the rumours that the presenters will be replaced, saying: "Our line is Adrian and ­Christine are the presenters of Daybreak."

Tennis-player-turned-presenter Dan Lobb and ex-Sky News host Helen Fospero are being touted as possible replacements.

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