Chiles and Bleakley dumped from Daybreak

Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley have been axed as the hosts of Daybreak in a sudden move from ITV.

Although speculation had been rife that the pair were facing the axe, it seems that the decision came as a shock to the presenters.

Chiles, 44, spoke out against the decision, saying that he has been left "angry, upset and acutely embarrassed."

He told the Sunday People newspaper that ITV bosses had assured them that they could continue until the New Year and "we were assured we could go with our dignity intact."

"That’s obviously not happened," he continued. "We were enjoying the show and we thought things were going well. We didn’t want to go.

"It was a bolt out of the blue and has come as a big blow to our careers that we’ve been dumped at this time. Dark forces have leaked it for their own ends and I am mightily unhappy about it."

Meanwhile Bleakley, 32, posted a sarcastic tweet: "What a lovely headline to wake up to."

Last week it was revealed that the Northern Irish presenter would replace Holly Willoughby as co-host of Dancing on Ice.

Chiles remains ITV's main football presenter.

Eamonn Holmes and Natasha Kaplinsky have been named as possible Daybreak replacements.

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