Chezza defends X Factor outrage

An inordinate number of people have got their knickers in an uncomfortable twist over Cheryl Cole’s decision to ditch fan’s favourite Gamu Nhengu from X Factor and put through the ever-so-slightly dull Cher Lloyd into the final 12, with forums like the one over on Digital Spy exploding with horror at the decision. At this rate Chezza will lose her national treasure status as quickly as she gained it.

However, the Geordie pop star has defended her decision, saying that despite the fact that Cher broke down into tears like a big blubbering baby, she was sufficiently impressed by past performances to have her in the final group. And anyway, it’s only a talent show.

‘Cher fell apart but when I go back to when I first saw her I was buzzing,’ she said. ‘I got a real buzz, a real buzz. Then when I watched her at boot camp she was amazing so I have to remember that actually she was poorly.

‘I’m not making excuses for her, because you have to perform when you’re poorly when you become an artist, but they’re under so much pressure, under themselves, you have to take everything into consideration, so Cher was that for me.’

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