Cheryl's wheelie down to earth

Never let it be said that Cheryl Cole is a haughty celebrity; while she may look like a TopShop goddess, and surround herself with burly minders, she clearly doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. For it has been reported that our Chezza sorts out her own recyling, even going as far as calling Enfield Council to put in a bin request, which means she must have sat through at least 40 minutes of M People's 'Proud', and/or Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

A council source told The Daily Mail 'They were saying what a down-to-earth girl she is. She didn’t get her minions to do it. She is a proper working-class Geordie girl. It’s great to have real celebrity royalty moving in and I am sure Cheryl will enjoy one of London’s best bin collection services.'

Excellent PR work, Enfield Town press office, we're sure the council minions will dine out on the 'wheelie bin' story for years to come...

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