Cheryl's the new Princess Di

While the world has endlessly speculated on the reasons for Cheryl's surprising eviction from X Factor, the TV overlord behind the decision has remained impressively silent - until now, that is. Simon Cowell has given his first interview in which he discusses his relationship with Chezza, and how he feels about the fact that she now blocks his calls.

Simon told The Daily Mail, 'She was like Princess Diana when she would walk out in England,’ he said yesterday. I accepted the fact that people didn’t know her here, but I think it did have an effect on her. I said 'Cheryl, you’ve got to raise your game a bit. This is America, it’s a much tougher market'.’

Cowell continued his tale of woe, ‘I asked Will.i.am, 'How does she feel about it?' He said, 'It’s none of your concern.' Then I got nervous. I called back to tell him, 'I don’t care what you say; if she wants to come back, she’s got the gig. But if I don’t hear from her by Sunday, the deal’s off.' I never heard from her. That was it. I think her silence was quite damning. I stand by the decisions I’ve made, and I knew the implications when I did it publicly – that I was going to get slaughtered, and I did.’

So, celeb watchers; should Cheryl forgive Simon? Or do we no longer care, now that Big Brother is back on the goggle-box, taking up the section of our brain that processes reality show opnions? For what it's worth, our considered view is: yesiree, and stop Will.i.am from stirring up trouble.

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