Cheryl's spring break

Well, Cheryl Cole is certainly taking her spring clean seriously. While we make do with a bit of a Facebook cull and some light dusting, the Geordie beauty has ditched her husband, is moving out of the marital home, and has even suggested that Girls Aloud are defunct.

A source told The Mirror, 'Cheryl does not want the separation to be a long, drawn-out affair. She wants to find somewhere quickly so she can regain stability and become settled once more. If she can't find somewhere she likes she'll consider rented accommodation in the short term. It's a real shame because Cheryl loved that place. But all her memories of it have been soured by what's gone on.'

And speaking on Danish TV, Cheryl appeared to refer to our beloved Girls Aloud in the past tense, saying 'The previous three tracks were with a girl group I was with for seven years - so to be number one solo was crazy, like the best feeling in the world.'

'A girl group I was with for seven years'? Cheryl, come to your senses - only the best blooming girl band in the world. We beg you, think of poor Sarah, Kimbers, Nicola and the other one with the long legs. Don't do it...

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