Cheryl's LA snub

It seems as if we've been waiting for the US X Factor judges to be unveiled for at least 10 lifetimes, but now the wait is over (well, pretty much). None other than gossipmonger Perez Hilton has reported that Chezza definitely hasn't been given the much sought after judging gig that will launch her career into the stratosphere. Instead, she'll be given the 'Sinitta role', which seems to consist of wearing green lycra leotards and spouting celeb LA nonsense. Poor girl...

Perez snarked in his usual snarky way, 'I think it would be disastrous if Simon Cowell gave Cheryl Cole a place on the US judging panel. No-one over here knows who Cheryl is and I doubt anyone would understand her accent. Why would Simon go for a nobody if he can get someone like Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera to join the show? The judges should be Mariah, Christina, Simon and me - four massive divas.'

A source close to Cowell said, ' is consoling her with the offer of helping him win the first series, which would give her profile a massive boost.’

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