'Cheryl's Dee-lightful'

There's been an awful lot of dithering about Cheryl's place on US X Factor; some wise sages claim she has secured a role on the judging panel, others say that she'll be lucky if she gets to play the 'Sinitta part' (i.e. wearing a bikini and simpering next to Simon). But there's one lady who's got Cheryl's back (as those Americans like to say). And that's Cat Deeley; after all, the Brummie presenter who made her name in the US knows a little bit about inpenetrable accents...

Cat told The Sun, 'Cheryl is just completely charming. The whole public love her and she's the nation's sweetheart - I don't see why she wouldn't be that in America too. People talk about the accent all the time - maybe they would understand her, maybe they wouldn't. It's difficult to tell but I don't see it as a stumbling block. She could do something about that anyway if she needed to.'

However, just in case Cheryl thought US X Factor would be a walk in the park, Cat kindly reminded her, 'It's going to be an awful lot of pressure. It's going to be one of the most expensive TV shows ever made and it's going to have big expectations behind it.'

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