Cheryl's booing woes

Perhaps we spoke too soon yesterday, bringing you the news that Chezza is on her way to becoming a humungous star in the US, one step away from having the Hollywood sign replaced with a giant picture of the Geordie. On day two, Cheryl was apparently booed by an angry audience who disagreed with her judging decisions. Don't they know who she is? (Er, probably not).

A source in the crowd told The Mirror that Cheryl was noticeably feistier than on the UK version, telling one hopeful that he was 'singing in a different language' and another that she 'felt like you have been studying some hip hop videos - it didn’t seem real to me.' Cue mass fury from the American crowd.

An insider elaborated, 'Cheryl was noticeably tougher - but stood up to all the flak brilliantly especially as it was a much harsher crowd than the UK version. She’s got a job to do and she coped admirably. The booing wasn’t personal at her – all the panel got a rough ride. It’s part and parcel of her job to make difficult decisions that not everyone agrees with.'

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