'Cheryl will get back with Ashley'

We've been hearing gossip and rumours for months that Cheryl had never got over footballing philanderer Ashley Cole, but now, according to close friends, it's almost a done deal that Chezza will end up back in her ex-hubbie's arms, with the sentient majority of the population screaming 'Nooooo, don't do it, pet.'

A source close to the star told The Daily Mail, 'Who knows what is going to happen in the future with them? Ashley is a predator, he likes a challenge and Cheryl is so tired and emotional that she may just give in. He is the only man she has ever truly loved and that's a powerful thing – and Ashley knows how to play her like a violin. Cheryl has only a very small core group of friends and family whom she trusts – her mother, her brother, the girls from Girls Aloud and her PA, who is one of her best friends – and that could make anyone feel lonely and insular at times.'

What do you think; should Cheryl give Ashley another go, or a wide berth? Opinions, please!

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