Cheryl Tweedy diagnosed with malaria

Yesterday we reported on poor old overworked Cheryl Tweedy collapsing at a photoshoot over the weekend, with many an amateur doctor proclaiming that it must have been exhaustion that caused her to look pale, gaunt and sweaty. Well it turns out everyone was wrong, it was the deadly tropical disease malaria what done it – an altogether more serious matter, we’re sure you agree.

Tweedy had taken a break from her schedule to visit Tanzania, on the east coast of Africa with her dancer friend Derek Hough, and despite taking malaria tablets still managed to pick up the disease, which in extreme cases can kill. There is some doubt as to whether she’ll be returning to X Factor duties, where she had fought against stomach cramps previously.

‘She told doctors she'd had stomach pains since her return from Tanzania,’ said a source to The Sun. ‘On Sunday evening her condition deteriorated so rapidly she knew it was something serious.

‘She'd spent 48 hours in bed trying to sleep off what she thought was a stomach bug. She was extremely weak, sweating and drifting in and out of consciousness. She was driven to hospital where tests showed malaria. Everyone is really concerned. She is very ill.’

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