Cheryl Tweedy collapses

Cheryl Tweedy has had to take a whole week off from her punishing schedule after she collapsed at a photoshoot. The Girls Aloud star passed out from exhaustion only minutes into the shoot over the weekend, with those that were describing her condition as ‘washed-out’ and ‘gaunt’.

Tweedy had refused to postpone the session, despite the fact that she had a high temperature and nausea, which was later revealed by the doctor who treated her as a gastroenteritis bug. Make-up people had spent an hour trying to hide her obvious ill health, but she collapsed almost as soon as she stepped under the lights. The doctor insisted that she do nothing but rest for seven days, but friends of the star are concerned about her health, as she refused to cut back on her work load, despite the obvious toll it had been taking. One also suggested that it could be to do with her split from Ashley Cole.

‘She should never have gone to the studio,' said one to The Sun. 'She insisted she was fine, even though she clearly wasn't. Her skin was pale and her lips had no colour. She's rundown and tired. That's why she ended up with the stomach virus.

‘Since splitting with Ashley, Cheryl has been throwing herself into work. She has been completely dedicated to X Factor, her album, recording sessions and touring - to an extent that it has started to affect her health.

‘Cheryl has been putting on a brave face, joking about hangovers. The truth is, she's simply working far too hard. There's only so long someone can do 18 hours every day without burning out. She has worked relentlessly for the past 18 months. Something had to give.’

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