Cheryl turns feminist at Black Eyed Peas gig

Shove over Germaine Greer, there's a new feminist in town. No offence, Germ, but she likes to wear glittery, shiny things, and our heads have been turned. She goes by the name of Cheryl Cole (nee Tweedy, not to be confused with nasty Jack Tweed). At her latest gig, supporting the Black Eyed Peas, Chezza got the crowd going with her new solo, feisty persona. She chanted - only slightly borrowing from Beyonce -'This is for all you strong independent women,' as well as shouting 'In-de-pendence'.

Will.i.am was moved to pen an impromtu 'Ode to Cheryl' with the line,'Cheryl Cole, you so sexy'. Cheryl, we agree. But with the strict proviso that you promise to ditch those silly cut-away trousers, that for some unfathomable reason have become your 'trademark'.

Who needs The Female Eunuch now, eh?

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