Cheryl to work from home

In what might be the most devastating repercussion of Cheryl Tweedy's brush with death, the star may have to film the 'judges houses' stage of the XFactor auditions in BRITAIN. Our favourite aspect of the auditions (other than the mentalists) is gaping at the judge's ridiculously tacky but incredibly glam abodes. Last year, Dannii was in Dubai, Simon went to Hollywood, Louis headed to Tuscany, and Chezza was in Morocco. This year's choice of homes will be equally exotic.

An XFactor insider told The Daily Mail ‘At this stage we are looking at different ways to make things as easy as possible for Cheryl.' While a source close to the ailing star was similarly coy, saying ,‘No decision has been made yet about judges homes. It's still some way off so we will see closer to the time.’

We'd like to be the first to cast our vote for to Cheryl judge from Geordieland. Come on XFactor - make it happen!

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