Cheryl to take back cheating left back?

In the long running soap opera/ pantomime that is Ashley and Cheryl Cole's marriage, it's time for the audience to start really booing and hissing at villain Ashley. According to the Daily Mail, our heroine Cheryl is wavering on the divorce question. She may even (shock horror) return to the philanderer.

A source said, 'Cheryl has agreed to see a counsellor with Ashley to hear his issues. She think he deserves to be heard and understands how he could think that she let him down as a wife. In essence, she is starting to accept his claim that it is not solely his fault their marriage collapsed. Cheryl sees Ashley as different to John Terry. He has managed to persuade her that he's not a cad - more a victim of circumstance. She's now starting to think he's vulnerable and immature and easy prey for predatory women.'

Yes, poor Ashley, he's just an innocent victim in the whole saga, bemused and bewildered while scheming vixens try to lure him to his doom...

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