Cheryl to return to X Factor?

Simon Cowell has been in talks with Cheryl Cole to bring her back to the X Factor.

The media mogul, who sacked the Girls Aloud singer from the US X Factor earlier this year, believes that the return of Cheryl could be just what the ailing show needs.

The ratings for the show have continued to decline throughout the season, dropping by 2.5 million viewers compared with last year.

"Simon feels that a touch is missing from this year’s X Factor, and although he jokes that it’s him he does also feel the nation is missing Cheryl," says an X Factor insider.

"She has always been incredibly well loved and he knows she will pull back the viewers in droves."

Cheryl was seen leaving judge Gary Barlow's house last week. The pair were believed to be talking about the possibility of her return as well as the release of a charity single for Children In Need.

However Cheryl’s spokesman was dismissive of the idea. "She is over The X Factor," he said. "It’s behind her, she is moving on with other projects."

But with an X Factor insider claiming that Simon has made Cheryl "an offer she can't refuse", it seems like all parties are playing their cards close to their chests.

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