Cheryl to quit UK XFactor?

According to well placed sources (i.e. chatty friends of the star), Cheryl Cole is intending to quite UK XFactor in order to become a global superstar a la Mariah Carey and J Lo. This is upsetting news indeed - are our shores not glamorous enough for you, Chezza?

A source told The Daily Mail, 'Cheryl is hot property and breaking America is the next obvious step in her career, whether she does The X Factor or not.' Simon had promised Cole that she was a sure thing for the US XFactor gig, though he apparently still needs to persuade Fox executives. While Cheryl's spokesman said, ‘We have not yet started talking about the next series.’

Well they would say that, wouldn't they? Our money's on the Geordie princess packing her bags for the US of good old A very shortly...

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