Cheryl threatens to quit X Factor to save Danni

Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole has threatened to quit her role on X Factor if fellow judge Dannii Minogue is given the heave ho according to reports in a number of tabloids this morning.

Simon Cowell is said to be looking for a replacement for the 37-year-old Australian singer, with Charlotte Church, Kelly Rowland and Lily Allen all being mentioned as possible candidates.

But an unnamed source has told The Sun of Cheryl's anger with the decision and of her threat to quit the popular talent contest. "Cheryl told Simon straight - if it's not her and Dannii together, then he's looking for two new stars. There's no way he will let them both go."

Cole is also reported to be concerned about the names being banded about as possbile replacements for Minogue. The fact that the Girls Aloud singer once eloquently referred to Lily Allen as a "chick with a d**k", means that seeing the pair together on the same panel is highly unlikely. But then again it would make great TV.

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