Cheryl sails away

Ever since the whole adultery thing between Ashley Cole and his soon-to-be ex-wife Cheryl Cole/Tweedy, we’ve been following the various attempts of Black Eyed Peas mastermind Will.i.am to woo the Geordie poster. At one point it looked as though he might have been breaking through the dreaded ‘friend zone’, but now it’s almost certain that the man won’t be getting horizontal with her.

As soon as her stint supporting the Peas is over, Cole/Tweedy will be sailing off around the Pacific with dancer ‘pal’ Derek Hough (winner of Dancing With The Stars in the States, don’t you forget), missing the World Cup and sticking a dagger in the fragile heart of poor old Will. Still, at least Will has the comfort of as many groupies as he can shake his stick at, rather than sitting alone, crying in a dank bedsit, eh?

‘She said she'd never been on a proper sailing holiday, so Derek decided to organise one for her,’ said a source to The Sun. ‘Obviously Cheryl's feet haven't touched the ground much recently. She's been all over Europe on tour and is looking for a break. She's really excited about going sailing with Derek.’

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