Cheryl parties in Cannes

Cheryl has been laying low for a while now, she was last spotted in LA with her brother Gary. But fear not, our fave Geordie princess hasn't entirely given up on fame. Will.i.am provided pictoral evidence last night that Cole is alive, kicking, and living it up in Cannes, on what the Black Eyed Peas star described as a 'mother-f**king boat' on the French Riviera.

Will.i.am tweeted, 'Its me and the 'Tweety Nird' in Cannes, France... Me and Cheryl Cole in the south of France having fun.' In the picture, Cheryl looked healthy and happy, with hair that looked rather too high-lighted for our liking (we're pro Cheryl as a brunette), but that's just splitting hairs. Ho ho.

Meanwhile, rumour has it that Cheryl will release a song on her new album written by Will.i.am that was previously meant for Cher. After the US X Factor bust-up, the Black Eyed Peas star got in a huff and withdrew his permission for Cher to use the song. A source explained, 'Cheryl loved the song from the start and didn’t think twice about recording a version after she was sure it would not be appearing on Cher’s album. There is no love lost between the two so she couldn’t care less what anyone has to say about her being offered the song. It’s a great track, so much so that it is being considered as the lead single from Cheryl’s third album.'

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