Cheryl owes success to ginger (spice)

She's barely been out of hospital since recovering from malaria and already Cheryl Cole owes one former girl band-member a debt of praise. That's right: Geri Halliwell, in lieu of a successful solo career of her own has reminded everyone that Cheryl owes hers for picking her for Popstars: The Rivals.

Geri was commented on the fact that the X Factor gives, 'everyone a chance to be a star,' before reminding the Daily Mirror that Cheryl's band, Girls Aloud, was formed on the back of Popstars: The Rivals - which Geri was a judge on. (In case you didn't know....)

Girls Aloud have since gone on to become the most successful girl band in the UK, having had more singles reach the Top Ten than the Spice Girls.

Ginger flavoured sour-grapes, anyone?

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