Cheryl in Crow blow

While the X Factor powers that be have not yet deigned to announce who will judge the US version of the show, our Chezza's attempts to crack America are beginning to flounder - you see, those Yanks already have a Cheryl, but she spells her name with an S, and has a bird-like surname. Yes, it's 'All I Wanna Do' singer, Sheryl Crow.

According to The Sun, the latest star to commit the identity mix-up was Jennfier Hudson, who, when asked for her views on US X Factor and the judging panel line-up said, 'Sheryl Crow?' When corrected, Hudson replied damningly, 'No, I'm not familiar with her.' That's gotta hurt...

On internet forums up and down the land, followers furiously defended their respective C/Sheryl. One fumed, 'It's really an insult for a talent like Sheryl crow to be confused with the dreadful Cheryl Cole.' While a Chezza fanatic waded in with, 'I think Cheryl Cole should be offended being confused with Crow.'

So pop-pickers, which star should be the most offended - where do you stand in the Cole/Crow debate?

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