Cheryl? I would

Few things in this world are more likely to turn your average straight bloke to jelly than the thought of two hot females doing rudies. Call it a monstrous, barbaric lust for more female flesh, or a subconscious way of dealing with our latent homosexuality, but females really don’t need to do more than hint at a predilection for a bit of Sapphic fun to have a bloke literally do anything you want him to.

Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas knows this, and that’s why every now and again she drops hints about her bisexuality, leaving men frothing at the mouth demanding more, more, MORE. He latest ruse is to explain how she thinks Cheryl Tweedy is hot – fair enough – and that she’s like to take her out on a date. Woof. Of course, it’s all part of her dastardly plan to keep men interested in her, the wily old fox. Women, eh? So crafty.

‘Some girls you look at and think, ‘Damn, you shouldn't look that good’,’ said Fergie. ‘Cheryl is one of them. She has this quality that turns powerful men into giggly schoolboys. Any guy that ends up with her will be lucky. It might not be a man. I'd take her out on a date and she knows it.’

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