Cheryl Cole's X Factor stitch up

Cheryl Cole has apparently told friends that she was made the fall guy by X Factor bosses, who had put pressure on her to not pick Gamu Nhengu for the show’s final 12.

According to the Mirror, and despite her on-show insistence that ‘I 100 per cent stand by my decision’, she revealed to her pals that she was told by producers to pick Katie Waissel instead of Nhengu because of the Zimbabwean’s visa problems. Luckily one of those friends has blabbed to the taloid.

‘She has been made the fall guy in all this,’ said the friend. ‘Her decision came down to a choice between Katie and Gamu. She was struggling to choose between both girls as her third act. But at this point producers stepped in and told Cheryl there were concerns over Gamu's visa and that for that reason Katie was the safer option.

‘She wasn't totally convinced Gamu had the X Factor or that she was right to be one of her walk-in final three. It turned out her own opinion was irrelevant and even if Gamu had been right to pick, Cheryl's hands were tied.’

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