Cheryl Cole turns down American Idol

Cheryl Cole is reported to have turned down the chance of becoming a US TV star because she doesn't want to leave her hubby, Ashley Cole, home alone in the UK. The Girls Aloud singer had been widely tipped to takeover on American Idol after Paula Abdul quit the hit reality show last week.

The 80s singer behind unforgettable hits such as 'Straight Up' and 'Opposites Attract' resigned over a payment dispute and Chezza looked as if she was the ideal replacement despite concerns that American audiences would struggle to understand her Newcastle twang.

But an unnamed friend of the X Factor judge told Metro that the speculation was unfounded: "Cheryl hasn't had any TV meetings since she's been over there. There have never been plans for her to go on US TV."

"It would mean she would have to leave Britain, which she won't do because it's her home. She wouldn't leave Ashley behind," the mystery friend said. "She's only over there to work on her new solo album in the studio. She only wants to focus on her music. That's what she is – a singer." Hold onto your ears people.

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