Cheryl Cole : to replace Sharon Osbourne on X Factor

Oh dear. Cheryl Cole might be too busy to carry on with Girls Aloud from now on, because according to The Sun, she's replacing Sharon Osbourne on The X Factor.

Proving that either a) she didn't have much else on, or b) the pay cheque was suitably massive, the Tweedster has dropped all other committments in order to start her new job this Thursday at the London Emirates stadium. ITV bosses are expected to confirm the decision later today. Too bad they didn't get in there before The Sun did! And too bad for Simon Cowell - he had his sights on Mel B....who in turn had her sights set on Janet Jackson. Ah erm.

Anyhow, Cheryl it is. She beat off tough competition from Kerry Katona and Paula Abdul to make it it to the top of the Best Of A Bad Bunch leaderboard. Sharon's defecting to Strictly Come Dancing so she can earn a decent wage and not the piddly 1.5million she was on at X Factor, and Ashley Cole will no doubt be chuffed to bits. With Cheryl out the house, he might get out of solitary. Happy days.

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