Cheryl Cole to mime on X-Factor

As the TV juggernaut that is The X-Factor continues to roll on, it’s being reported that judge Cheryl Cole is to pre-record and mine her ‘live’ performance on the show this weekend.

According to The Daily Mail, only parts of her performance for her new single ‘Fight For This Love’ will be live to give the illusion of it being 'fully live’ (crafty); “Nobody - neither on The X Factor nor her record label Polydor - wants to see her fail, which is why we thought it was better for Cheryl to mime her performance” said their X-Factor insider. “But, of course, Cheryl will be heavily criticised for not singing live and then returning to her judge's chair to cast judgement on the hopefuls, who will have spent all week rehearsing and battling nerves."

It is a wee bit below the belt; what's the point of being a manufactured popstar if you can't even sing live? Oops, that is the point. Still, watching Cheryl Cole skipping about in a skimpy negligee for 3 minutes won't be bad. Philistines!

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