Cheryl Cole to lose Geordie accent for US

Cheryl Cole's hopes of breaking into the US TV market have hit a snag with the news that producers Stateside think that the X Factor judge's Geordie accent will be too difficult for viewers to understand.

Metro claims that Simon Cowell is so concerned about Cheryl's Newcastle brogue that he has organized elocution lessons for the Girls Aloud singer. Cole is reportedly close to signing a deal with the American network NBC to become a judge on the US version of the X Factor.

However, TV executives are currently carrying out test screenings of Cole in the US to gauge public reaction to her accent. An unnamed source spoke to the Daily Mail about Cole's possible deal with NBC.

"They were bowled over by Cheryl and thought she was sassy, smart, charismatic and beautiful. There was just one small problem – they couldn't make head nor tail of her Geordie accent," the mystery voice said. "She was at her best at the weekend – witty, empathetic and really encouraging to some of the acts But while her accent isn't that thick, the Americans really seemed to struggle with it."

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