Cheryl Cole recieves death threats

Regardless of how outraged you are about Gamu Nhengu being booted off the X Factor in suspicious circumstances – and we’re sure there are loads of you out there that are pretty peeved – we’re sure that you all agree that sending death threats to the woman who made the decision isn’t going to change much, and is a ghastly act of intimidation that our English Rose doesn’t need right now.

However, some people seem to think differently, and Cheryl Cole has had to step up her security to make sure no nutters come out and top her live on air. That wouldn’t look good on a Saturday night televisual spectacular, that’s for sure. ‘She's taking these threats seriously and is increasing her already good security,’ said one source to The Sun, while another source said: ‘Producers don't want any risk. Everyone's quite nervous and wants the live shows to go without a hitch.’

The source of these threats appears to be wannabe rapper Sanussi Ngoy Ebonda, from Tottenham in north London, who accused Cole of making ‘da biggest mistake of your life’, and then threatening to attack other girls who shared her name (um, why?). ‘I was angry - everyone was expecting a black girl to go through,’ said Sanussi. ‘Maybe it was a bit over the top, but there were certain things that needed to be said.’ About X Factor?

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