Cheryl Cole quits US X Factor

The American dream is over for Cheryl Cole: the former Girls Aloud pop star and new queen of our hearts has been replaced as judge on the U.S. version of X Factor by Nicole Scherzinger, with her people suggesting she was homesick and wanted to come back to the UK.

However, other sources have suggested that American viewers wouldn’t be able to understand her thick accent (even though it’s relatively mild as Geordie accents go) and that she had a ‘lack of chemistry’ with Paula Abdul. Didn’t anyone ever tell her that opposites attract? Eh? Anyway Network Fox was also apparently not impressed with her when all four judges met for the first time in Los Angeles, with reps from the TV channel singling her out as the weak link. Who to believe?

‘It hasn't worked out,’ said a senior show source to The Sun. ‘She's homesick and wants to return to the UK. She's had enough. Whether she ends up back on UK X Factor is open to speculation.’

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