Cheryl Cole : Like a phoenix from the ashes she will rise

Like a phoenix from the ashes - she will rise. Cheryl Cole felt like 'cracking up at times' after springing hubby Ashley Cole wetting his cajones on another girl.

But in the end didn't...after realising she couldn't be bothered.

In a profound interview with The Mirror Cheryl laments. "I feared I would crack up so in the end I stopped reading all the stuff that was being written about me and what was going on. But it's made me realise there are people out there a million times worse off than me. People see me as a role model, but I want them to see I'm human and I make mistakes. I'm not perfect. I want the young girls to learn from my mistakes"

Cheryl and her Girls Aloud gaggle kicked off their 'Tangled Up' tour in Belfast recently, with no Ashley in the crowd whooping his wife on - and Cheryl still not sporting her wedding rock. But she did have a bash at notoriously hard to nail, 'I'll Stand By You' - perhaps sending a subliminal message to Ashley that she's not quite shot of him yet.

The TweedMonster battles on.

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