Cheryl Cole is the Angel of the North

Everyone’s favourite; Girls Aloud member / X-Factor judge / WAG / Geordie [delete where applicable] Cheryl Cole, has been immortalised as the iconic Angel of the North in homage to her overwhelming popularity in the North of England.

Lee Jones, the artist who was inspired to do the hand-painted image said; "As an artist I feel the overwhelming warmth of the Northern people towards Cheryl Cole and I wanted to portray this by depicting her as our very own Angel of the North." He added:

"I see her as a new icon of popular culture for the 21st century, a beacon of light in these bleak times - a fine example of a Northern lass making good."

..And what a truly amazing turnaround it's been, from toilet attendant basher to national institution in the space of a few short years......

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