Cheryl Cole for Big Brother?

While the majority of tabloid’s tittle tattle is taken up with guess work about Cheryl Cole’s next career move (our guess is the US won’t understand a Geordie X-Factor judge, sorry), it looks like her next job could be here in the UK.

According to The Daily Star (pinch of salt please), our Cheryl has been offered a tasty £5m to host Channel 5’s soon to launch reality show Big Brother. The newspaper have also included a quote from a nameless source, if that helps; ‘It really is true. Big Brother looks certain to return - bigger, brighter and more shocking than ever before. As part of that deal we want to get a really big name involved as the host and they don't come any bigger than Cheryl.’

Adding; ‘We're confident she can be tempted away from Simon with the offer of fronting the most-talked about show of the year. There is going to be a real buzz around Big Brother and we're confident she will want to be part of that deal.’

The judges for the US version of The X-Factor are due to be announced in April.

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