Cheryl Cole axed from X Factor UK?

Yet more news on the Cheryl Cole X Factor scandal: rumour has it that Chezza won’t be returning to the British (and best) X Factor, as according to show bosses she has refused to answer Simon Cowell’s phone calls.

Cole was supposed to decide by yesterday whether she wanted to take part in the show, as the auditions start on Wednesday, but she has apparently not spoken to anyone. One show source said that ‘we have bent over backwards for Cheryl and she hasn't engaged with us. She is out. That's showbusiness,’ while Cole’s camp have poured scorn on their approaches, calling them ‘an offer she couldn’t accept’.

‘They set her a ridiculous deadline,’ said a friend to the News of the World. ‘They have basically done the same to Cheryl as they did to Dannii Minogue - given her an offer she couldn't accept.

‘They did this because they knew Cheryl wasn't going to come back and they wanted it to appear that the decision was theirs. It wasn't - it was Cheryl's decision to go. There was a very slim chance she might have considered going back at a later date. But her heart wasn't in it. And once that deadline was set she was gone.’

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