Cheryl and Cowell patch up friendship

The Ashley and Cheryl-obsessed world can take a huge sigh of relief after news that Cheryl has ditched Ashley for his constant philandering, and has ordered him to delete her phone number. Ooh, dramatic! The feisty pop-ette has also reignited her close friendship with svengali Simon Cowell, and has decided that America is hers for the taking.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'Cheryl heard of the first scandal on Saturday night (July 16) before it came out on Sunday and was naturally fuming. She sent Ash a text immediately telling him it was over. Cheryl didn’t want to speak to him and couldn’t handle having another confrontation so she messaged him instead. She made it clear any chance of a reunion was over and told him to delete her number and never contact her again.'

Cheryl has apparently decided to fling herself headfirst into cracking the US, despite saying that she wanted to 'disappear from celebrity'. A source said, 'She’s using her latest heartache to throw herself into her work. He’s (Simon) once again vowed to do everything he can to help her launch her solo career in the US.' Now where have we heard that before?

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