Cher's run-in with Simon

Remember Cher? You know, the mouthy one who started acting like a celebrity after the first audition, who was apparently 'fragile' but seemed to demonstrate her 'fragility' by being mean and bullying everyone, despite the fact that she's only 17. Well, she's gone to America, and is by all accounts being 'a bit of a pain'. Apparently though, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are both keen to work with her. Well, it beats Chico.

A catty source told The Daily Mail, 'You’d think Cher would just be happy for the chance, but she’s told Simon she wants to do it her own way,’ a source told me this week. ‘She’s thrown a few heavy-duty tantrums and is, frankly, being a bit of a pain. You have to admire such self-­confidence in a young girl, but she’s no respecter of authority and she’s had run-ins with a few people.’

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