'Cher's more fragile than I was'

Robbie Williams, in recent months, has adopted the position of avuncular celebrity sage, helping out young and innocent fame seekers, taking their first tottering steps into the Chinawhites of life. The latest beneficiary of Robbie's wisdom is Cher; fragile XFactor hopeful and Cheryl lookalike.

Appearing on morning telly, Robbie said, 'I wasn't as fragile as she is when I was 16. I want to give her a call but I don't know if I can help. She's obviously got it. But she'd have done well not to get through and have another year to come to terms with her personal life.'

As if to underline Robbie's words, Cher admitted yesterday that she'd had a backstage breakdown before singing live, 'I had a bit of a meltdown earlier in the week. But I just couldn't go on stage in something I felt uncomfortable in.' Yes, we know the feeling...

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