Cheese Daddy

Yer modern hip-hop star is no stranger to trousering a few quid by lending some of his cred to a fairly boring product. Why, only yesterday Snoop Dogg was fo’ shizzling up TomTom’s GPS systems, no doubt in exchange for a large sack of green notes. Rappers, as a general rule, come from poor backgrounds, and therefore know the value of a dollar, and extract maximum value for their services. Marx would be spinning in his grave.

Anyway, P Diddy was possibly the first hip-hop titan (record sale-wise, anyway) to get out there and successfully flog his cheesy wares, making him millions in the process. You’d think given the pile of money he’s made over the last decade or so he’d take a slightly less hands-on approach to his products, but apparently not; he turned up on the Home Shopping Network in the States giving everyone a look at his salesman’s patter. Just check out how he makes you want to be slathered in his men’s fragrance:

‘This is not about smelling like me, this is about smelling clean, smelling sensual. It's for the modern man.’ As well as producing pearls of cheddar-y wisdom like that, he also took calls from viewers and smoothed them over, convincing them to spend their disposable on his tat. Just take a look at this spectacularly amusing video of Puffy mugging at the camera, it’s beyond the normal boundaries of funny.

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