Cheap at half the price?

It’s now been a year since the now infamous Sachsgate (should have been called Waitergate, surely?) palava that caused an absurd media pooh storm, but what was only a couple of bad taste phone calls at worst may now become known as the most expensive phone calls of all time, after it’s come to light that Jonathan Ross will have his BBC salary cut by £3 million.

Wossy, who currently has a BBC1 chatshow and film show, as well as a Radio 2 Saturday morning show, is currently on an £18 million three-year deal with Beeb that expires in July next year. But according to The Sun, he’s in cahoots to renew his contract even with the prospect of accepting a huge wage slash.

‘Jonathan is happy to stay at the BBC and is fully aware he needs to take a pay cut. He has offered to take a 50% pay cut and will be committed to his TV and radio shows,’ reports the newspaper's source.

Details have yet to be finalised with BBC top dog Mark Thompson but it’s expected the new deal will run for two years.

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