Chat with Cheryl?

Cheryl Cole could be in line for a chat show with the BBC. Although hardly likely to inspire comparisons with Michael Parkinson, or even Jonathan Ross, the Geordie singer seems to have sufficient popular appeal to interest the broadcaster.

Cole’s manager, the heavily-punctuated producer Will.I.Am, is in negotiations with the BBC for the show, with figures around £750,000 for the series being bandied around. Cole would use her contacts in the music industry to line up a series of appetising guests. Names such as Rihanna and Justin Bieber are already being suggested as potential guests, although that may be a little premature.

"It's all been tremendously exciting after Will pitched this idea," a source told The Mirror. "Things have been moving at a rate of knots. They are looking at a show in the summer which would be the ideal vehicle to relaunch Cheryl's TV career."

The TV career took a tumble last year when Cole was summarily removed from the judging panel of Simon Cowell’s X Factor in the USA. There were rumoured to be problems with American audiences, whose response to Cole’s Geordie accent was baffled incomprehension.

In the meantime Cole is keeping the singing career in a light simmer. She wants her next album, the follow-up to the 2010 record Messy Little Raindrops, to be a little less poppy and a lot more 'urban', and is lining up contributions from Eminem and Nicky Minaj. She is also hoping to use a song written by the 2011 sensation Lana Del Rey.

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