Chasing Pavements is gay; Adele anthem banned by bigots

This is ridiculous. A few radio stations in the US have banned monster hit Chasing Pavements from the airwaves, because they think it's a gay anthem.

Some funnyman somewhere with a lot of time on his hands, decided that the lyrics of the Adele song (which is about a bad ex boyfriend) are actually a reference to a gay sex act. Still too much time on his hands, he then posted his revelation on Urban Dictionary, damaging Adele's success in the States in the process.

"Some weirdo on the Net wrote that 'Chasing Pavements' was about being gay, which isn't true at all. Because of that some radio stations in the States wouldn't play it. The guy wrote it on Urban Dictionary, which I've used for years, and 'chasing pavements' was never on there before" said a rightfully peeved Adele. (The Daily Mail).

Aside from the fact that a pavement has about as much to do with sex as a plant pot, even if it was a gay anthem, so what? Christina Aguilera can prance about in crotchless pants purring 'I wanna get diiiirty' but some hillbilly radio stations actually ban something which may or may not have gay connotations?! Is America really ready for a black President?

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