Charlotte's lurch

We're not convinced by the photos of Charlotte Church having a barny with her new boyfriend in a Soho bar. According to the Daily Mail, the pics - take a look here - show the chantuese in the throws of a slanging match with Jonathan Powell, marking the return of the 'Charlotte of old'. You know, the one who threw drunken wobblers while on the razz with Gavin, and looked worse for wear in the next day's tabloids. (Though maybe Gavin wound her up? Huh.)

At best, it looks as though Charlotte and Jonathan are having a medium to low level tiff. Perhaps they're bickering about whose round it is, or whether to get another in before moving onto a club. This photo - where Charlotte is described as 'visibly upset', looks like she's chuckling at a joke.

The press love to predict doom and gloom for Charlotte, but we think she's doing great. In the same photo spread, she can be seen enjoying the rest of her night out - where she watched musician boyfriend Jonathan grind his axe at a gig.

Shouldn't people be more worried about Gavin Henson? We haven't seen a single 'Gav looks gloomily into the bottom of his pint' story yet.

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