Charlotte gets blindo

It's the curse of the yummy mummy. You spend months only having the occasional slurp of wine once the kids are in bed, but as soon as you're granted a night off, a couple of shandies is all it takes to knock you out cold. Unfortunately for Charlotte Church (our favourite celeb) the paps were on hand to snap her publicly snoozing after a few too many. Charl had dashed straight to the pub after filming 'Over The Rainbow' - yet another talent show, and it all went downhill from there. The Daily Mail sticks the knife in:

If these pictures are anything to go by, the Voice Of An Angel has fallen well and truly back to earth... again. Charlotte Church ended a mammoth drinking session slumped over the table of a bar. After an hour, she was carried from the bar by friends without her shoes and bundled into a taxi.'

Charlotte's successful singing career is then fed into the journalistic shredder: 'Miss Church achieved worldwide fame as an 11-year-old classical singer and performed in front of the Pope and the U.S. President. But a string of turbulent relationships followed in her teens and she was frequently pictured smoking and stumbling out of pubs.'

Cigarettes? A night on the Blue Nun? The horror. Charlotte, you carry on being 24 love...

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