Charlotte Crosby releases new song about peeing in public

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Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has taken the mickey out of her habit of wetting herself by singing a song called DANGERPISS. She sang it on Australian radio station Hit 92.9 and even went as far as making an accompanying music video for effect.

Not that the song needs any imagery to drive the message home as the lyrics paint a pretty clear picture all on their own. Crosby eloquently sings her heart out with the words "I’m out on the town, I pull me pants down, this is the highlight of me night

She quickly follows that up with an even more graphic image singing "You can’t make a sound, you squat to the ground, make sure you cover your behind". Peeing will never be the same again - in public or in private!

VIDEO Charlotte Crosby singing about peeing in public

Crosby actually peed herself on a Geordie Shore episode once so fair play to her for seeing the funny side. In the video, Crosby can be seen moving all over town literally squatting for added effect. In typical Geordie fashion, whenever a loo is not forthcoming you just drop your pants and relieve yourself wherever takes your fancy.

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