Charlotte Church : pregnant again

Might as well do it while you're young. Before stretch marks really set in, boobs take a nosedive for the worst and saddlebags look like they might be around for good. What cycling in the buff? No! Pregnancy.

Soooo, a mere 8 months after the arrival of wee Ruby Megan Henson and Charlotte Church is up the duff again. Charlotte had been looking a bit portly round the girth - so clever journos put two and two together and came out with two. Charlotte and a new baby that is. The baby's due in November and Charl, Gavin and family are delighted by the news.

And so are we! Charlotte Church is a celebrity MILF in the making and a girl after our own heart. She loves a curry and a giggle, looks fab and wasn't afraid to let it all hang out post birth. (Unlike some yummies we know, Nicole Ritchie....) Hell Charlotte might even be in our top 5 MILF's of all time.

Check out Charlotte giving it some with Jamelia...then watch her giving the evil eye to a stoned / drunk / high (anyone's guess) Amy Winehouse.

The Charlotte Church show - Jamelia
The Charlotte Church show - Amy Winehouse

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