Charlotte Church : binge drinking and babies

Just as we suspected, Charlotte Church can do it all. Char has let slip that being a mum is a doddle, and that thanks to her hardy Cardiff upbringing, heavy drinking is a doddle too.

In an interview with The Sun, Charlotte talks about her friendship with attitude to the sauce. Contrary to popular belief, she claims not to be a fan of binge drinking, though is yet to find anyone who can drink more than her. (Apart from Gavin on a good day).

“I’ve never found someone that can drink me under the table. I probably never will. Maybe Gavin, but that’s it. I don’t advocate binge drinking, but it happens. Those girls in Cardiff can drink — me, mainly. A typical night out there is genius” she said, bigging up binge drinking without really meaning too.

Over in Madchester, Kerry Katona of all people has had a pop at Charlotte for getting up the spout so soon again. "Charlotte Church is pregnant again, which means she's pregnant twice in one year - and I thought I was bad!" she told OK. "I only left it 11 months between Heidi and Max but my opinion is it’s too soon for her. You want to enjoy your first and learn how to be a mum." Kerry Katona in the unique position of handing out parenting advice? It's a strange old world.....

Check out Charlotte interviewing Kerry Katona disguised as an old hag - priceless.

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