Charlie Winston Hobo: Listen Like a Hobo

Thousands of people around the world are beginning to notice a musician who rose to fame by singing about Hobos. After the release of his second album 'Charlie Winston: Hobo', English singer and songwriter Charlie Winston's unique and endearing style has made waves in the music community.

To prove the point, last year the talented musician was awarded the European Border Breakers Award for 'Best UK artist in Europe', a hat-tip to his overwhelming reception in France.Funnily enough, while still an up-and-comer in the UK music scene, Winston drives throngs of people in France crazy with his blues riffs and haunting voice.

The first single 'Like a Hobo', from his current album 'Hobo' went straight to number one on the French charts, and the album itself enjoyed a top ten spot for over four months. Born into a musical family, soaring melodies were probably always on the cards for Winston, who spent ten years busking around the UK before moving to France.

He first attracted the attention of music lovers with the 2007 release of album 'Make Way', and shortly afterwards, the band was touring with rock God and former Genesis lead singer Peter Gabriel. But if you haven't heard of Winston and his band The Oxymorons yet, don't worry, you will hear a whole lot more of him soon.

Make sure you keep an ear out for his recently-released single 'Secret Girl', which has been praised for it's enchanting lyrics and sound. Or why not just be proactive and search out this great musician for yourself!

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