Charlie Sheen threatens to evict Denise Richards from her home

Actress Denise Richards has to have the patience of Job regarding her ex-husband Charlie Sheen, who doesn’t waste time dissing and taunting her on Twitter every time he’s angry or upset about something.

Anger Management’s erratic star was at it again and his latest rant included calling Richards a “pig and media ho, ” which cost him a reprimand from network executives who stepped in and told him to stop it because his slamming his ex in public was not at all cool and was having an adverse effect.

Sheen later made a public appeal to Richards for them to have a truce (a sort of DMZ) and apologized by deleting all the negative posts on his ex from his Twitter profile, but as everyone should know nothing really disappears from the Internet, especially rants from celebrities.

You’d think that Sheen would be more than grateful to Richards for everything she’s done for his four year old twin boys, Bob and Max from his other ex-wife Brooke Mueller (after she had been placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold after a drug overdose and her latest stint in rehab), but apparently gratitude is not part of Sheen’s DNA, as he has now threatened to evict Richards and their two daughters from their Mulholland Estates home on request of his new porn star (excuse me, adult entertainment) girlfriend Brett Rossi.

According to Radar online, a source told them that “Brett wants Denise out of the neighborhood because she is jealous of her” and the poor thing just doesn’t like driving past the house when she has to leave the gated community, nor does she want Charlie spending any time with his ex.

The Twisted star has been living in the 9,000 square-foot mansion for the past year because she was closer to her daughter’s school, and now is looking for a new home to live in either Beverly Hills or Bel Air, but you can bet your Twitter rants that this saga ain't over yet.

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