Charles Saatchi announces divorce from Nigella Lawson

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Just weeks after Charles Saatchi was given a police caution for assaulting his wife, Nigella Lawson in a Mayfair restaurant, the couple have revealed that they are to divorce. Damning photos showed Saatchi choking his fearful looking wife, and despite Saatchi’s feeble claim that he had been trying to "emphasise a point" during a "playful tiff", Lawson left the family home shortly after the incident.

In an ambiguous statement that seemed to be an attempt to control the marriage to the last, Saatchi said

"I am sorry to announce that Nigella Lawson and I are getting divorced.

"This is heartbreaking for both of us as our love was very deep, but in the last year we have become estranged and drifted apart. I feel that I have clearly been a disappointment to Nigella during the last year or so, and I am disappointed that she was advised to make no public comment to explain that I abhor violence of any kind against women, and have never abused her physically in any way."

He admitted that his hands were around her neck but denied applying any pressure, claiming it was ”merely a gesture” and "could equally have been Nigella grasping my neck to hold my attention – as she has done in the past, although not in front of Scott's with a photographer snapping away". The still photograph gives a "wholly different and incorrect implication", his statement said, and Lawson had given a statement to the police that supported this. He then went on to suggest that her lack of public support for him had also been a clinching factor in the decision.

Saatchi went on to add: "I am sorry that we had a row. I am sorry that she was upset. I am even more sorry that this is the end of our marriage."

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