Chariots Of Fire in cinemas again

Everyone knows the Vangelis theme, even if they haven’t seen the film. Now Chariots Of Fire will be back on a big screen near you this summer, with hopes that it will crank up the nation’s emotion in advance of the Olympics.

Hugh Hudson’s powerful story of British sprinters competing at the 1924 Olympics won 4 Oscars back in 1981. Collecting his award that year, screenwriter Colin Welland famously declared "the British are coming" at the Academy Awards (although Welland hasn’t been heard of since). Now a digitally-restored version will get a full rerelease in British cinemas on July 20.

David Puttnam, now Lord Puttnam, produced the film. He said: "Chariots of Fire is about guts, determination and belief. Just as the film succeeded in raising spirits and aspirations 30 years ago, I believe it could deliver exactly the same message today. At the heart of the film is the quest for Olympic glory, and I find hard to imagine anything more likely to resonate throughout the country this summer."

The film follows the struggles of 2 runners, one devoutly Christian, one Jewish, to combine their athletics ambitions with their faiths. The director Hudson thinks that message still has a relevance today.

"Discretion, loyalty and self-sacrifice, questions of faith and refusal to compromise, standing for one's beliefs, achieving something for the sake of it, with passion, and not just for fame or financial gain, are even more vital and relevant today," he said. Sure, but that Vangelis tune is the real tearjerker.

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